06/15/2012 11:43 EDT

Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Canada: June 2012 Edition


Vancouver continues to dominate HuffPost’s survey of the most expensive houses for sale in Canada, with Toronto coming in a close second.

Recent reports that the city’s market is softening significantly doesn’t seem to be discouraging its ultra-high-end sellers, who have no fewer than five of the 12 most expensive houses on the list, including the top three, according to data compiled from the Multiple Listing Service.

One interesting note: HuffPost has yet to compile a list of most expensive houses that doesn’t include at least one condo property on the 1000 block of West Cordova in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour. And no list has failed to include at least one property on Drummond Drive, a hilly little street in Vancouver’s Point Grey area. (Granted, this is only the third time we've done this.)

It highlights just how truly concentrated Canada’s wealthiest people are. Not only do they mostly live in a small cluster of neighbourhoods in a few of Canada’s largest cities, they even largely live on the same streets and in the same condo buildings.

Here’s the list of most expensive houses for June, 2012.

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