06/14/2012 06:56 EDT | Updated 06/14/2012 07:40 EDT

The Art Of Dad: One Dad's Depiction Of Fatherhood Through Cartoons (PHOTOS)

Art Of Dad

Oh, the life of a dad.

Whether it's making kids eat their vegetables, taking them to school or trying to understand how their worlds work, one dad is trying to capture his kids' funniest moments and turn them into art.

Jason Thompson, Toronto-based artist and founder of The Art of Dad, started his blog last September after someone told him to post his sketches of his kids online.

"I take my sketchbook around with me everywhere and when I was in my kid's swimming class, someone told me they were great," he told The Huffington Post Canada.

Since then, Thompson has been sketching everything from nights at the dinner table to the return of the tooth fairy. His kids, Ellie, 9, and Ben, 6-and-a-half, are his inspiration and the cartoons are meant to be loose depictions of them.

"Looking back, it's been an outlet for me and now it's a personal archive for our family," he said.

But others are also noticing. A blog that was originally intended as a personal collection has turned into a site where other parents can send stories and share their favourite parenting moments.

"Everything I've been drawing is directly related to what my kids are doing or saying. Now, it's spreading and people from all over the world are sending me messages," he said.

Thompson hopes to one day create sketches based on other people's stories.

"When you work commercially like I do, you don't get to create your own personal art. With this, I get to create work that has meaning for myself and to others," he said.

Check out some of Thompson's most popular cartoons that people have shared on Pinterest and Twitter:

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