06/15/2012 05:00 EDT | Updated 08/15/2012 05:12 EDT

Doug Ford Says 'Bring It On' As He Eyes Queen's Park


Outspoken Toronto Coun. Doug Ford says that if a provincial election is called he is "100 per cent" certain he will run for a seat at Queen's Park.

The Etobicoke North councillor, who is Mayor Rob Ford's brother, says he would run for the Conservative party in the provincial riding of the same name, which is currently held by Liberal Shafiq Qaadri.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is threatening a snap election if the opposition NDP and Conservatives continue to remove sections from the minority Liberals omnibus budget bill.

"Dalton McGuinty is going to decide," Doug Ford told CBC News. "My bets are he's going to blink. If he doesn't, I've got three words for him: Bring it on."

Separately, the mayor said he guesses there'll be a municipal by-election if his brother runs in a provincial election.

"If he wants to run, let him run," Rob Ford said. "He's always wanted to run provincially."

Doug Ford said in early 2011 that he turned down an offer from the provincial Tories in the run-up to last October's election.

He said then he would stay on as councillor.

"Rob needs my help down here and we're going to turn this ship around," he said.

Ford replaced his brother as the city council representative for Ward 2 (Etobicoke North) in the 2010 municipal election. Ward 2 accounts for about half of the provincial Etobicoke North riding.

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