06/15/2012 07:51 EDT | Updated 08/15/2012 05:12 EDT

Armoured Car Shooting: Michelle Shegelski, Slain Armoured Truck Guard Had Married Soul Mate


EDMONTON _ A relative says one of three Edmonton armoured truck guards shot and killed during a robbery was an experienced employee who recently married her soul mate.

Michelle Shegelski's mother-in-law says Shegelski had worked for several years with G4S.

Henrietta Shegelski says her daughter-in-law was good at her job.

She says what makes the killing so horrendous is that Shegelski and the other slain guards may have known their attacker.

Police have issued first-degree murder warrants for Travis Baumgartner, another G4S guard who was on shift with a crew delivering cash to bank machines at the University of Alberta campus.

One guard remains in critical condition in hospital.