06/17/2012 05:26 EDT | Updated 08/17/2012 05:12 EDT

Yukon Teen To Drive Across Canada On 5 Tanks Of Gas


A Yukon teenager will try to drive across the country on just five tanks of gas.

Simone Kitchen-Kuiack, 17, is taking part in the Smarter Driver Challenge which is sponsored by Shell Canada.

The company chose the young Yukoner to take part in the challenge because she proved to be a very fuel-efficient driver when her family took part in last year's energy diet challenge.

She is part of a team of eight taking part in the challenge. Other team members are environmentalists, Shell employees, a journalist and even fellow northerner, Yellowknife's Alex Debogorski from the television show Ice Road Truckers.

Kitchen-Kuiack said it's easy to be fuel efficient if you follow her tips.

"Accelerate slower, and when you're coming up to stop signs or stop light don't brake quickly, just take your foot off the gas and try to brake as smoothly as possible and just driving slower," she said.

She begins the challenge Sunday. The group is trying to set a world goal for energy efficiency. They will be driving a 2012 Volkswagen Passat with Shell bronze fuel and lubricants.