06/18/2012 12:56 EDT | Updated 08/17/2012 05:12 EDT

In case you missed it, including David Nalbandian's 'foot fault'

The Netherlands were eliminated at the Euro 2012 competition in Ukraine, Tiger Woods crashed and burned at the U.S. Open, but Sunday's oddest story had to be tennis player David Nalbandian's disqualification after he left a line judge bloodied.

1. David Nalbandian looked more like someone trying out for a Euro Cup team than a tennis player with his kick that injured a line judge in London. That is, according to one of our readers in today's Caption Contest. The Argentinian's kick that bloodied the shin of the judge inspired a look back at other memorable "athletes vs. officials" moments.

2. Tiger Woods crashed and burned in the final round of the U.S. Open in San Francisco. The Twitterverse weighed in on the former champion's awful Sunday performance, including a sincerely sarcastic "Good job, good effort!"

3. As soccer writer Ben Rycroft writes, the Group of Death claimed its victims at the European soccer championships in Ukraine, but it was Cristiano Ronaldo that helped make the sacrifice. The Netherlands couldn't recover from their terrible start to the tournament, while the Danes couldn't build on their excellent one.