06/18/2012 01:07 EDT

MMVA 2012 Fashion: Humans Were The Hottest Accessory At Much Music Video Awards (PHOTOS)


Each year, the red carpet at the Much Music Video Awards gets a little wilder and a lot louder (cue screaming fans!). Celebrities show up in tanks, ice cream trucks, you name it. And if there's a Justin Bieber sighting, forget about it. But if it's Justin Bieber with a baby? Complete and utter pandemonium.

And so it was at this year's MMVAs. Canada's favourite pop superstar made his debut on Toronto's Queen Street West with his cute factor in overload -- he had adorable baby brother Jaxon in his arms. The younger Bieber had lots of swag himself with a sweet little jacket with tiny elbow patches, holding his own against his older hearthrob bro and sending the teenage throngs into a frenzy.

And that was just the tip of the "humans as accessories" trend that oddly had a place on the MMVA red carpet. 'Call Me Maybe' singer Carly Rae Jepsen rode up in a convertible flanked by two shirtless, oiled and very toned male models, presumably a homage to her ubiquitous video, and Kreesha Turner performed on the red carpet with her own post-apocalyptic bevy of Mad Max-esque males.

But in the end, Katy Perry took home the award for 'strangest use of tiny entourage as fashion statement.' The 'Fireworks' singer landed on the red carpet with a gaggle of little Katy Perrys -- small children dressed up like her in her various videos. Most unsettling was the 'California Girls' girl, who had two mini-cupcakes on her small top in place of those unforgettable whipped cream cans.

Call us crazy, but we'll settle for Carly Rae's statement necklace instead.

Check out all the living, breathing accessories from last night's MMVAs, and let us know what you think.

MMVA 2012: The Year Of The Human Accessory

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