06/18/2012 02:49 EDT

War Of 1812 Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of The Conflict On The Bicentennial


On June 18, 200 years ago, the United States signed a declaration of war against Great Britain, pitting itself against British forces mostly in Upper and Lower Canada. The U.S. had grown weary of British naval blockades hampering their trade abroad, and of First Nations armed by the British Empire stunting their expansion into the northwest of the continent.

The new Canadians fought alongside British troops and First Nations allies in battles at Queenston Heights, York, and Crysler's Farm, among the many, helping to crush any ideas of annexation by the Americans and ultimately to lay down the foundation for a lasting peace with the U.S. once the conflict was over.

As Canada and the U.S. celebrate the war's bicentennial, the Historica-Dominion Institute has created a quiz to test your knowledge of this conflict, which set Canada "on the slow path toward nationhood."

We've reproduced 10 questions below. Take the full quiz here and follow this link for an interactive timeline and more information about the War of 1812.