06/21/2012 01:16 EDT | Updated 08/21/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C. women risk wrinkly wedgies to raise cash for breast cancer research

PEACHLAND, B.C. - It's hard enough to drop your inhibitions before climbing into a zipline harness.

Now, imagine dropping your pants.

An organizer in Peachland, B.C., says that's exactly what nearly 100 women are expected to do Thursday as they take part in a charity event to raise money for breast cancer research.

Kevin Bennett says the women are participating in the ZipZone Naked 100, careening for more than half a kilometre down a cable, suspended 100 metres above the ground, in hopes of raising $20,000 for breast cancer research.

Bennett says a 73-year-old has promised to take the plunge, but he also notes the women can ride in anything from their birthday suits to pasties or full costumes, if they wish.

Supporters are welcome to donate to the cause, but they can't watch because Bennett says the zipline park southwest of Kelowna will be closed to the public until the last thigh flies by. (CKFR)