06/21/2012 12:45 EDT | Updated 08/21/2012 05:12 EDT

Thai Anti-Smoking Ad Uses Children To Deliver Powerful Message (VIDEO)

A new Thai anti-smoking ad takes a different tack at getting smokers to rethink their habits.

The ad, which was posted last week has popped up on Gawker, Digital Journal and Reddit. It shows kids approaching smokers and asking them for a light. The adults in the video refuse to give the children a light and often tell them why smoking is a dangerous and bad habit.

"When you smoke you suffer from lung cancer, emphysema and stroke," a couple of young Thai men tell a boy.

"If you smoke you die faster. Don't you want to live and play," another young man tells a boy asking him for a light.

The kids then hand the adults a note that reads "You worry about me. But what about yourself?"

According to the ad, produced by Ogilvy Asia, the ad resulted in a 40% increase to Thailand's quit smoking hotline.

Recent anti-smoking campaigns in the U.S. and Canada have taken a shock and gross-out approach. The CDC released a series of videos featuring ex-smokers suffering from serious smoking-related health problems.

In Canada, the government has made new graphic warnings mandatory on cigarette boxes.

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