06/22/2012 05:02 EDT | Updated 06/22/2012 05:03 EDT

GroundWave Shadow Trainer Teaches You How To Dance, Fights Childhood Obesity

For those of you who don't feel the beat in your soles, GroundWave Shadow Trainers will teach you how to dance.

The prototype kicks have sensors that track the wearer's movements and connect them to a smartphone app, which offers live feedback. The app can act as a social platform that allows users to share scores and challenges -- a kind of positive reinforcement, Gizmodiva noted.

Tom Sykes, an industrial designer from the Loughborough Design School, created the shoe, earning him the 2012 James Dyson Foundation Bursary. He invented it not just to help you find a groove, but to fight childhood obesity, according to his website.

"This product combines exercise with video game style interaction. Whereas many products, such as the Wii approach the union of physical interaction and gaming with a bias towards the game and start with the gaming platform, this product gives full attention to the quality of the exercise thus approaching the union with a bias towards the health benefits," Sykes wrote on the site.

A good move, considering Canadian kids spend too many hours in front of screens and not enough on their feet.