06/22/2012 12:48 EDT

Toronto Heat Wave: Highway Buckles Under Extreme Temperature


Was Toronto's recent heatwave hot enough to fry an egg on the street? Who knows. But it was definitely hot enough to warp a stretch of highway.

Two lanes on Toronto's Hwy. 401 at Avenue Road closed Thursday afternoon after crews discovered extreme temperatures caused the asphalt to buckle. After a contractor repaired the stretch, the lanes reopened later that afternoon. The Ministry of Transportation's Astrid Poei told the Toronto Star such incidents rarely occur.

Toronto temperatures reached 33.8 C Thursday, busting the previous heat wave record established in 1949. The extreme heat, smog and humidex advisories in Toronto ended today, although the city is still feeling the effects.

CP Rail and CN said their trains would move slower than normal Friday, as heat can cause steel rails to expand, according to 680 news.

And don't be surprised if Toronto Transit Commission subways screech a bit more than usual these days, because humidity has been known to affect those tracks too.

Such high temperatures may be an "opening act" to a hotter-than-average summer across Canada, Senior climatologist at Environment Canada Dave Phillips said.

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