Lindsay LipDub: Ontario Town Bands Together For World's Largest LipDub (WATCH)

What does a community look like when it comes together to sing about its greatness — and break a world record along the way? The Kawartha Lakes-region town of Lindsay, Ontario set out to discover that when they filmed an all-inclusive lipdub on May 31, 2012, to bring the town together and smash previous attempts at the title of World's Biggest Lipdub.

Citing community pride and getting young people excited about Lindsay as their inspiration in their equally impressive behind-the-scenes video, creators Kyle Dutka and Tom Collver were inspired by Grand Rapids, Michigan's 5,400-strong performance last year and set out to top that city's participant number.

Drawing from the town's population of approximately 20,000, Collver told there were more than 7,600 community members in their video — not including the onlookers and latecomers who attended (the lipdub's site puts the number at 9,300). Celebrities like George Stroumboulopoulos, Rick Mercer, the Toronto Argonaut cheerleaders and Craig Kielburger from Free the Children (the organization to which proceeds from the lipdub's gala event went) all threw their support behind the video as well.

And whether you love these one-shot lip syncing videos or abhor them, it's hard not to smile while watching the pure joy on every citizen of Lindsay's face as the camera passes through their group. And if mouthing the words to Hedley's "We Are Unbreakable" or Sweet Thing's "Change Of Seasons" (who, yes, appear in the video thanks to their Lindsay roots) is what brings a town together — and yes, claim temporary hold of the title of World's Biggest Lipdub until the next act comes together — then we are certainly all for that.

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