06/25/2012 06:34 EDT | Updated 06/26/2012 11:34 EDT

Vancouver Cycle Chic Society Wants City's Cyclists To Ditch The Spandex


David Phu wants to keep it casual. Biking, that is.

The founder of the Vancouver Cycle Chic Society is asking the city's cyclists to toss their spandex shorts with cushioning and clip-ins aside and embrace casual cycling. What casual cycling is not: dressing like you're in the Tour De France. What casual biking is: dressing with style or as you normally would but still biking to where you need to go.

Phu felt intimidated by cyclists in Vancouver who were sporting fancy biking gear compared to his normal clothing. His aim to remove the necessity of sporting gear would make biking much more accessible to the masses. And on June 29, the Society wants people to go out just as they are and peddle about town.

Some North American fashion enthusiasts have embraced the bike, like Bill Cunningham from The New York Times, who has been taking street style photography from his bicycle since before street style was even a thing.

But although many of Canada's major city's are deemed 'bikeable' , Canada's embrace of casual cycle style still lags behind Europe, where biking is a part of life practically from birth on.

So next time you're headed out in heels or a dress, don't second guess your bicycle. Embrace the freedom of riding in style and create a comfortable culture around being a cyclist. It's not a club for athletes only -- it's just a way to get around.

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