06/25/2012 04:23 EDT | Updated 08/25/2012 05:12 EDT

9 Vancouver Stabbings Raise Concerns


A spate of stabbings in Vancouver is raising concerns over the availability of knives in the city, after two more people were attacked in separate incidents on Sunday morning.

Police have confirmed one person was stabbed outside a club in Gastown and another near the Shark Club on West Georgia Street, although no further details are known.

Sunday's incidents follow two other knife attacks against seven people over the weekend. Five people were stabbed in an East Vancouver karaoke bar on Saturday. Two teenagers were attacked in the 4700 block of Slocan Street late Thursday night.

Although none of the incidents have yet proven fatal, the string of stabbings is raising concerns over the availability of knives in the city.

The buying of knives is not restricted but Jerry Wolfman, owner of an outdoor equipment store, says he won't sell to anyone who isn't well informed.

"After being here for a long time, you really get a sense for who goes with what product and whether or not it's going to be used for abusive purposes of if it's going to be bought specifically for its needed intention," he said.

Wolfman also said he calls parents if an underage person asks to buy a knife from his store.

Knives are the most common weapon used in the commission of violent crimes in Canada, and are three times more likely to be used than guns. Half of all people accused of knife violence are between the ages of 12 and 24.

Some provinces, such as Saskatchewan, have considered knife bans but none have passed legislation restricting knives.

Carrying a knife is legal in B.C., as long it is not spring-loaded and not concealed, other than by a sheath.