06/26/2012 05:27 EDT | Updated 08/26/2012 05:12 EDT

Family Escapes Dangling House In B.C. Flood Zone


Of all the devastation in the flooded Shuswap region, one image has stood out: a white house dangling precariously over 2 Mile Creek near Sicamous, B.C.

CBC reporter Leia Hutchings found the family who lived in the house at 901 Graham Rd., as well as their incredible story.

When the creek began to flood, Earl Sjodin, his brother and elderly mother were inside the home.

"We were sitting at our kitchen table, basically havin' a coffee, and the house started moving. We felt like we were in an earthquake — it was basically jumping," he said.

Sjodin turned to his oldest brother and exclaimed: "That's gotta be the creek."

The first thing Sjodin did was help his 70-year-old mother escape.

Half an hour later, he was getting ready to leave with his own belongings when he discovered he was stranded. Bridge and road access to the property were cut off by flood waters and washouts.

Sjodin spent the night in his truck, watching the homestead fall into the rushing creek water, and praying for his life.

"We did have about 200 feet of property behind the house, to the creek, and I watched that disappear in 12 hours. It was gone," he said.

"It's a very awful feeling. Being trapped is not a good feeling. It's just incredible, when you have nowhere to go."

Now, Sjodin's concern is for his mother, who is staying with his niece for the time being.

"She needs provisions. I mean, she's 70 years old, she's in a wheelchair. She has a real hard time getting around. She has health issues," he said.

Sjodin said he'd like to rebuild their family home, but for now, he says they can only take things day by day.

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