How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

With summer here, 'tis the season of parks, pools, picnics, parties -- and pests.

Unfortunately, the great outdoors has plenty to offer us in terms of tiny headaches -- cockroaches, ticks and horse flies, to name a few. But perhaps the most prominent household insect (and the most annoying) is the ant. They reside in the corners of our kitchen and the sweet foods on our counters, coming in a variety of species, like the Argentine ant, the thief ant and the odorous house ant. The scariest of the species, though, is the carpenter ant, which can -- and will -- destroy the wooden structure of your home.

While most household owners use insecticides (pesticides used to remove insects) to get rid of their ants, there are many accompanying problems. Biologists have found that with excessive use of insecticides, many beneficial insects can potentially be destroyed. Furthermore, the chemicals used by private pest control companies carry potential health risks for kids.

The video above can help you create an insect-free zone without the dangers of toxic pesticides. As long as you're equipped with salt, chalk, a spray bottle, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, white vinegar and oranges (it's like a grocery list!), you can apply these seven steps and get rid of the creepy crawlers in your home -- the natural way.

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