06/26/2012 05:26 EDT | Updated 08/26/2012 05:12 EDT

Martin Tremblay: UBC Hornets Hockey Coach Accused Of Tripping 13-Year-Old Player


UPDATE: UBC Hornets coach Martin Tremblay has been identified as the coach who was accused of tripping a 13-year-old by CTV. The coach claims he slipped on the ice, witnesses say.

VANCOUVER - A hockey game between adolescent players in Vancouver ended with the RCMP arresting a coach who was accused of tripping a 13-year-old member of an opposing team.

The RCMP said the incident happened Saturday at Thunderbird Arena on the University of British Columbia campus, where teams from Richmond and Vancouver were playing.

As the teams shook hands after the game, a 13-year-old player from Richmond fell to the ice, prompting accusations and a call to the police, said Sgt. Paulena Gidda of the RCMP, which polices the campus.

"To brace himself from hitting the ice, he (the player) put both his wrists out and sustained minor injuries to his forearm and wrists," Gidda said in an interview.

"The coach was arrested. Charges will be forwarded at a later date, pending the results of the investigation."

Gidda said the coach, who is in his 40s, was later released.

Investigators are now reviewing witness statements and video of the incident, she said.

The teams are in a hockey program for players aged 10 to 12. The 13-year-old player was likely 12 when he started playing for the team, said Gidda.

"It was an incident that was unfortunate, and it doesn't bring a great light to our community," said Gidda.