Caesar Recipes: Celebrate Canada Day With Drinks Inspired By 11 Regions

Cheers Canada!

In honour of celebrating 145 years of good food and equally good people, Mott's Clamato has created their third annual Coast-to-Coast Caesar Toast.

In 2009, the Bloody Caesar was voted Canada's favourite cocktail. This shouldn't be a surprise -- this hangover cure was invented in Calgary, when bartender Walter Chell was asked to create a signature drink for the Westin hotel. Throwing together some clams, tomato juice, vodka and Worcestershire sauce, Canada's drink was born.

Now, Mott's Clamato Caesar mixing officer Clint Pattemore has created a collection of Caesar recipes that reflects the cultures and traditions of 11 regions across the country. Live in Prince Edward Island? Try potato vodka -- or how about lobster broth, if Nova Scotia is your home province.

Can't imagine putting those ingredients together? Here are 11 Caesar recipes to try for Canada Day:

Caesars By The Province And Territories