Canada Trends 2012: Highest Ranked Canadian-Themed Searches On Bing

When it comes to what we seek out, Canadians are pretty predictable.

A new report by has ranked the top 60 "Canadian" inspired search terms, including food, landmarks and brands. The site had tracked 10,000 monthly searches over a year and ranked them based on popularity.

Some of the ranked search terms weren't so surprising: the beaver, mountains and our country's capital Ottawa were all high on the list. And other terms like the moose, Canada Goose clothing and igloos of the great North continued to portray Canadian stereotypes. (No, we don't all live in igloos.) And it certainly beats out the winning search term from Google last year -- the URL of

Bing's report also listed common habits of Canadian users online, and what they're most likely to type in search engines. For example, Métis leader and political figure Louis Riel was the most searched Canadian historical figure last year and Quebec’s famous poutine dish beat out our typical sweet staple, maple syrup.

Check out the top 25 (and the full list of 60 below). What do you think, do these terms define our nation? Let us know in the comments below:

25 Canadian Searches On Bing

1. Tim Hortons

2. Hockey

3. Ottawa

4. CBC Radio

5. Niagara Falls

6. Caillou

7. CN Tower

8. Mountains

9. Terry Fox

10. Wayne Gretzky

11. Beaver

12. The Bay

13. Camping

14. Poutine

15. Diversity

16. Roots

17. Moose

18. Canadian Flag

19. Bombardier

20. Canada Goose

21. Curling

22. Alex Trebek

23. Bear

24. Royal Canadian Mint

25. Fishing

26. Northern Light6s

27. Canadian North

28. Canadian Armed Forces

29. Skate Canada

30. Louis Riel

31. Macleans

32. Maple Leaf

33. Boat

34. Polar Bears

35. Leonard Cohen

36. Snowman

37. Laura Secord

38. Emily Carr

39. Salmon

40. Steve Nash

41. Campgrounds

42. Inuit

43. Outdoors

44. First Nations

45. Maple Syrup

46. Parliament Hill

47. RV Park

48. Cottage

49. Oil Sands

50. Mounties

51. Whales

52. Team Canada

53. Lacrosse

54. Natural Resources

55. Igloos

56. Group of Seven

57. Tom Thomson

58. Ann Murray

59. Margaret Atwood

60. Tragically Hip