Nike Voices: Video Celebrates Girls' Participation In Sport (VIDEO)

As Olympic preparations gear up across the world, discussions about sports seem to be on the tip of everyone's tongue -- whether it's appreciating mothers for their hard work in supporting their young athletes or pointing out that tough doesn't mean you don't wear mascara.

Now Nike has thrown their hat into the ring with a video celebrating how far women's sports have come in the past few decades. Released on the 40th anniversary of U.S.'s Title IX (also known as the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act), the video looks at women both young and old, comparing their experiences in athletics -- and showing that women have always wanted to be involved, no matter the barriers.

With childhood obesity ever a threat, and 2005 statistics showing a decline in kids' participation in sports, getting more girls playing sports is only to their benefit. The gap between boys' participation and girls' was shown to be smaller, but it still exists.

And while the benefits of playing sports are well-known -- words like discipline, cooperation and leadership come to mind -- the Women's Sports Foundation found participation in a team can impact women by lessening their chances of having an unwanted pregnancy and made them more likely to leave an abusive relationship.