06/27/2012 11:01 EDT | Updated 06/27/2012 11:02 EDT

Revelstoke Dam Opens Its Spillway (VIDEO)

Either B.C. just built an epic water slide, or the Revelstoke Dam opened its spillway.

The dam, B.C.'s second largest power generating facility, opened its floodgates on Father's Day weekend and the video is now gaining speed on YouTube. High snowpack and expected inflows required the dam to release additional water to maintain the Revelstoke Reservoir's maximum level, according to

The water flow reached an estimated peak of 679.6 cubic metres per second, or roughly 10 per cent of Niagara Falls' flow, and gushed for about three days, BC Hydro's Jennifer Walker-Larsen told CBC. Dam, that's a ton of water.

Revelstoke, in the B.C. interior, is about 550 kilometres northeast of Vancouver. Other communities in the interior have had to deal with flooding and heavy rains. Hundreds have had to be evacuated from Sicamous, B.C. after heavy rains, and a heavy snowpack caused mudslides and flooding.