06/27/2012 11:23 EDT | Updated 08/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Union says more than 240 federal workers told they are losing jobs in Alberta

EDMONTON - Hundreds of federal public servants in Alberta received notice their jobs are at risk as the Harper government implemented it latest round of budget cut backs.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada says that more than 240 of its Alberta members have been notified.

Marianne Hladun (LAH-doon), the union's Prairie Region executive vice president, says despite the Conservative Party government's promise no front line services will be affected, the Canada Revenue Agency is closing all of its cash and inquiry counters, including those in Calgary and Edmonton.

Hladun says that means there's no longer any place for Canadians to go to pay their taxes directly, or to get help filling out forms.

She also says other departments facing possible job cuts in Alberta are Human Resources and Skills Development with 78 positions affected; National Defence with 46, and Justice Canada with 38 positions, along with several others.

The Alberta members of other public sector unions were also notified, with some estimates putting the total number of federal jobs at risk in the province at over 600.

This is the fourth batch of federal public employees to be told they could lose their jobs since the budget was tabled almost three months ago.

Union leaders across Canada reported that just over 5,000 employees in more than 13 departments were told they could lose their jobs as the government seeks to slash spending.