06/28/2012 10:38 EDT | Updated 08/28/2012 05:12 EDT

B.C.'s Radical Entertainment lays off 89 staff

Dozens of videogame developers in Vancouver have lost their jobs after the market failure of one of their company’s products.

Parent company Activision laid off 89 Radical Entertainment employees Thursday, saying the company's latest gaming product, Prototype 2, didn’t sell well enough.

The Radical Entertainment studio was to cease operations immediately, Activision said.

Activision said it looked at selling the Vancouver subsidiary but concluded that shutting the office down made the most financial sense.

One of the laid of staff members said the shutdown was due in part to the changing face of console game playing and the high cost of game development. He also took the B.C. government to task for what he said was the lack of a strong tax credit to keep the jobs in the province.