06/28/2012 11:04 EDT

Fruit And Vegetable Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Produce?


Which fruit packs the most fibre? Which popular veggie has more potassium than a banana? Which lettuce can strengthen your skeleton? Test your supermarket smarts with this fun produce food label quiz.

Scouring food labels on processed foods like pasta sauce, cereal, and ice cream has become de rigueur during food shopping, but fresh, unpackaged produce doesn’t come with such visibility into calories, fat, fiber, protein, and key vitamins and nutrients.

Of course, nutrition experts would be happy if North Americans ate more of pretty much any fruit or vegetable (only about 32 percent of adults consume recommended levels of fruit and 25 percent recommended levels of veggies, according to government data), but you may be surprised to actually see the nutrition profiles of your favorite produce. Which high-fat fruit can take good care of your ticker? What popular salad topper is shockingly high in sodium?

So we asked Everyday Health dietitians to use their comprehensive nutrition database to create fruit and veggie food labels. Here, test your produce savvy and discover unusual facts about the produce you thought you knew so well.

How Well Do You Know Fruits And Veggies?