06/28/2012 07:01 EDT | Updated 08/28/2012 05:12 EDT

Soldier's monument at Ottawa legion vandalized

An Inukshuk dedicated to Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan was toppled over outside the Royal Canadian Legion headquarters in Ottawa.

A vandal knocked over the heavy stone sculpture at the headquarters in the Ottawa neighbourhood of Kanata sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

It was donated in September by Claire and Richard Leger, the parents of Marc Leger, a soldier killed in the so-called "friendly fire" incident in Afghanistan in 2002.

Bob Butt, the Royal Canadian Legion's director of outreach, said he has notified police and also told Leger's parents, who he said were shocked when he told them about the vandalism.

"I think a lot of people take it very personally... especially those who have lost friends in Afghanistan. I know the Royal Canadian Legion takes it very personally," said Butt.

He is asking the vandals to come forward to face justice.