06/28/2012 06:47 EDT

Straight Canadians With Pride: 13 Canadians For LGBT Rights


Pride festivities have unfolded in cities across Canada over the past month, and will continue throughout the year -- in Toronto, Pride Week is in full force, with an expected attendance of hundreds of thousands of people (the exact number is always hotly debated).

As one of the countries in the world frequently cited for its positive legislation and support of the LGBT community, Canada has come leaps and bounds since its fight to legalize gay marriage in 2005, even emphasizing its commitment to that law quite publicly earlier this year. A 2009 Angus Reid survey found a majority of Canadians believed relations between people of the same sex were 'morally acceptable,' and 'gay-straight alliances' are spreading at schools across the country.

Our country is filled with activists who have taken risks, and put their every effort into ensuring that no Canadian should feel embarrassed, attacked or like less of a person for who they are -- we took a look at some of our favourite gay Canadians here. In honour of this year's Toronto Pride Parade -- the largest in North America -- The Huffington Post Canada took a look at Canadians who are straight by sexual orientation, but no less committed to ensuring LGBT citizens are given the same rights as anyone else.

We know this list isn't inclusive, so if you know other great Canadians working hard for LGBT rights, let us know in the comments below:

Straight Canadians With Pride