06/28/2012 03:05 EDT

Toxic Fat: Australian Anti-Obesity PSA Shows Us The Gross Stuff (VIDEO)

Before you think about getting a greasy hamburger for dinner, you might want to watch this video.

An Australian obesity awareness and healthy living campaign by has created a graphic 30-second video about what happens to all our vital organs when fat enters our bodies.

The video targets overeating and a lack of physical activity, and how the two together can result in a gross, yellow fatty mess -- with sound effects included.

Toxic fat or visceral fat can be known to release chemicals into your body and because of this, excess fat can lead to heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, according to the campaign. One health expert said toxic fat is "constantly pumping poisons into the bloodstream," according to the Daily Mail.

In Canada, even though obesity rates haven't budged since 2009, over 4.6 million adults remain overweight and rates among men and women as individual groups continue to rise, according to Statistics Canada.

Earlier this year, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta launched a series of anti-obesity ads to urge North Americans to stop sugar coating obesity, while the city of New York defended their anti-obesity ad targeting diabetics and amputees.

Is this video effective or just too graphic? Let us know in the comments below.

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