06/28/2012 05:45 EDT

Vancouver On Craigslist: Pedestrians Read Hilarious Craigslist Ads Out Loud (VIDEO)

Things you've written always sound better when you read them out loud, but imagine how they might be interpreted by complete strangers -- especially when that "work" is a classified ad posted online.

Every month, Vancouver filmmaker Lewis Bennett makes short films about the sights and sounds of British Columbia. This month, his team collected ridiculous Vancouver Craigslist ads and asked strangers in Stanley Park to read them aloud.

The result? Varying degrees of success as people laugh (and attempt to be serious) through posts about free adult diapers and even a plea to find someone who can decide which Craigslist user has the larger penis.

At least Vancouverites can rest assured knowing they're not on their own when it comes to strange postings. Craigslist has been known to attract all sorts of people: Women looking for naked servers for parties, an overly enthusiastic ad about renting a $500 room and even a request for uniting tree climbers everywhere.

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