06/29/2012 06:11 EDT | Updated 07/01/2012 01:01 EDT

Senator Patrick Brazeau's Twitter Account, @thebrazman, Currently Unavailable


After a week of name calling and online arguments with reporters, it seems Patrick Brazeau may have tweeted himself out of existence. At the time of this article, the Tory Senator's Twitter account no longer exists.

No word explanation has been provided though many users on Twitter believe Brazeau has deleted the account.

Brazeau first made headlines Wednesday after calling a reporter a bitch through a long and heated Twitter exchange. The argument broke out after Canadian Press Reporter Jennifer Ditchburn reported on the Brazeau's less-than-stellar Senate attendance record.

Brazeau later called Ditchburn to apologize for his comments after a massive online backlash.

But that wouldn't spell the end to the senator's spat with reporters.

On Thursday, Jorge Barrera, a reporter with APTN, filed a story regarding allegations of sexual harassment against Brazeau during his time as national chief of Congress of Aboriginal People. The allegations -- which have yet to be proven in court -- date back to a 2007 Christmas party when a staffer alleges a drunken Brazeau tried to kiss her. She then received 15 missed calls from Brazeau shortly after.

Upset over the story's comments, Braz

eau then challenged Barrera on Twitter, according to the National Post.

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