06/29/2012 09:54 EDT | Updated 06/29/2012 10:43 EDT

My First Canada Day: Ivonne Serna

Ivonne Serna

Name: Ivonne Serna

Country: Mexico

Why did you decide to come to Canada?

For three reasons: 1. The great level of education that one can get here. The program that I'm currently studying at Ryerson is very unique and they have the latest technology like the 3D body scanner and really great professors. 2. Canada is a great place for improving my French skills, so necessary for the fashion industry, and 3. I would like to start a business here, and Canada is the perfect place for investing.

How are you celebrating Canada Day?

My family is coming to visit me, we are looking forward to visiting popular tourist attractions: Niagara Falls, The Toronto Zoo, Canada's Wonderland, the CN Tower, go to the theatre, attend a baseball game, and of course, go shopping!

What's your favourite thing about Canada?

The multiculturalism. It's fascinating to live in a multicultural environment like Toronto because I have the opportunity to meet people with very different backgrounds and learn about their cultures.

What has been your best moment so far in Canada?

Enjoying Canada's natural beauty on both coasts. My husband and I had the opportunity to take a cruise from Vancouver and the scenery was breathtaking, we saw wildlife and picturesque mountains. Yukon has the Emerald Lake which was incredibly beautiful. Then we took another cruise, this time on the Atlantic side, we visited Halifax, Sydney, Prince Edward Island, Quebec City and we ended in Montreal, needless to say it was an amazing experience, I loved the Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax.

What would you consider a Canadian attribute?

I would say that Canadian people are prepared for everything, and that's a great virtue. Canadians prepare for, and know what to do in case of: snow, floods, natural disasters in general, power outages, emergency situations, etc. And when a problem does occur, Canadians solve it and fast -- there are response teams for every kind of situation and that is a blessing.