07/01/2012 01:40 EDT

House Of The Week: Splendid Isolation Next To Downtown Kelowna

Jane Hoffman Group

Kelowna may be an isolated small city in British Columbia’s interior, but it has real estate prices that compare to some of Canada’s biggest cities, and recently, a bit of a foreclosure problem.

Not that that matters much if you’re in the market for a six-million-dollar home, and if you are, this property on Lake Okanagan just north of Kelowna is about as good as it gets in the area.

208 Poplar Point Drive is all about the view: The realtor boasts you can see 20 miles along Lake Okanagan from the large windows of this three-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion.

It’s almost as if the architect wanted to compel you outdoors. If the view doesn’t get you out of the house, the outdoor salt-water spa with reflection pond, or one of the two barbecue patios, or the anchor-shaped dock with two boat lifts just might.

There are also gas heat lamps, an outdoor shower, and four speakers hidden in the landscaping, in case you want to wake up the neighbours.

There won’t be too many neighbours to wake up, though. Even though it’s just four kilometres from the centre of Kelowna, this house is separated from the rest of town by Knox Mountain, essentially making it a rural property.

All of this having your cake and eating it too doesn’t come cheap though: Asking price is $5,995,000.

208 Poplar Point Drive, Kelowna, B.C.