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Batman Vs. Spider-Man: Toronto Subway The Scene Of An Epic Brawl

Spider-Man battles Batman on a Toronto subway car?

J. Jonah Jameson would have had a field day with this.

It seems the wacky web-crawler has gotten himself in another fine mess — and this time on public property.

Don't ask how these 'superheroes' happened to run into each other on the same subway car. Or what led to a clash between heroes who not only operate out of different cities — but different universes altogether.

A fact not lost on the TTC's chief customer officer, Chris Upfold.

"What? Mixing Marvel and DC worlds?" he tweeted.

The heroes certainly weren't talking.

Lucky for us, we've got the video, thanks to Huffington Post blogger HiMY SYeD. A former Toronto mayoral candidate and founder of, SYeD was simply in the right place at the right time.

"Most people's reaction on the train were about the same ... meh," he recounted to The Huffington Post Canada. "Initially, I thought, whatever, I'm tired, I don't really care ... but then as the video shows, it just got hilarious ... and people started snapping photos."

SYeD got swept up in the action, wielding a Nikon camera in one hand, a BlackBerry in the other.

And he's all the luckier for it, as the Spidey vs. Batman video quickly became SYeD's second-most viewed blog at Viewtopia.

"And it hasn't even been a full day yet!"

Toronto's brand of these iconic crusaders have been known to pose for pictures at Dundas Square, but never have their paths crossed until now.

Although commuters were initially hard-pressed to show much interest — a by-product, no doubt, of a public transit system that hosts more than its share of spectacle — they couldn't help but get drawn into this mighty grudge match.

"It did leave me with a smile and a feeling that I got my full token's worth of a ride on the TTC," SYeD says. "Just another day in, or rather under, Toronto."

Here's more, in SYeD's own words, on how he came upon this unlikely clash of superheroes:

It being a wonderful summer's end of long weekend Monday evening, I should have just walked to my downtown home from Yonge and Bloor where I found myself shortly before Midnight.

It being the end of a very involved long weekend, I was beat.

Debating whether to drop a token for a train ride plus a few streetcar stops, I thought what the hell, go home via TTC despite it being so close.

Waited on the southbound platform at Wellesley Station for only a few minutes.

The new Rocket arrived. Cool. Been on them before of course, but these trains are the new norm, better get used to them...

Reaching Dundas Station, Subway doors open. Subway doors close.

They board at Dundas Station, heading South.

I see them. But I always see them posing for photographs around Yonge-Dundas Square, so no big deal.

They, like me, are going home at day's end.

There's a commotion a few cars north of where I'm sitting.

It being the new Rocket, we can see as well as walk the length of the train now in-between subway cars.

The commotion was Spidey and the Toronto Batman, the two fixtures who pose for photographs via donation around Yonge-Dundas Square. They had boarded the train and it wasn't exactly clear how much in character they were.

It didn't appear that they staged this...

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