07/03/2012 05:27 EDT | Updated 09/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Best Buy Sues Over Samsung Phone Leak


Best Buy Canada is going to B.C. Supreme Court to try to unmask the people who leaked plans for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone.

The release date of the Android device was one of the most hotly speculated topics in the technology world when the website MobileSyrup published a layout of an upcoming advertising poster containing launch and pre-order dates.

In a civil claim filed against Jane and John Doe, persons whose identities are as yet unknown to Best Buy, the company says it took strict measures to ensure against leaks of its sales plans.

"The Confidential Marketing Information is developed by Best Buy and is distributed only to a select group of Best Buy employees on a 'need to know' basis, and to selected third-party service providers and their employees by means of a secure, password-protected Web site," the claim reads.

"The Defendants ... have intentionally and wrongfully interfered with Best Buy's business interests and economic relations."

Best Buy Canada owns more than 65 stores across Canada as well as the 146 stores in the Future Shop chain. The leaked poster said the Samsung Galaxy SIII would be available for purchase at Best Buy and Future Shop stores on June 20, 2012, with pre-orders available from May 30, 2012.

On May 24, MobileSyrup posted a story with a picture of the ad, which went viral on tech sites across the internet.

An update on MobileSyrup's own website says: "Well, this is interesting turn of events. We’ve been asked to take down the image … so perhaps the date is true. We’re wishing and hoping so. We’ll have more info soon. (Thanks tipsters!)"

The launch of the new phone was ultimately delayed until last week.

Best Buy claims the defendants breached the Copyright Act by leaking the advertising. The company wants them ordered to return hardcopies and electronic versions of its confidential marketing information.

Best Buy also wants an order for an accounting and tracing of any proceeds Jane and John Doe may have received as a result of the leak.