07/03/2012 11:19 EDT

Bouquet Toss Fail: One Woman's Valiant Attempt To Catch The Bouquet (WATCH)

LOL! The videographer at a wedding in Niagara Falls, Ont. caught the hilarious moment when one woman totally wiped out in her attempt to catch the bride's bouquet.

Although it appears this unattached guest was so desperate to become a Mrs. that she was willing to risk bodily harm and total humiliation, the videographer admits that "looking back at the video, she tripped." After confirming that she ok, he asked if he could post the video on the internet and she agreed.

Watch the hilarious footage as the woman tries her darnedest to catch the bouquet... but, sadly, still misses. The silver lining? If this video goes viral, the nimble singleton just might land herself a hubby!

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