07/03/2012 02:46 EDT | Updated 09/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Hope and Tofino among seven new names for African penguins at Vancouver Aquarium

VANCOUVER - Seven African penguins are sporting new names as they make themselves at home at the Vancouver Aquarium.

And where there's Hope, there's Nelson, Tofino, Lillooet (lill-oh-wet), Steveston, Sechelt (sea-shelt) and Salt Spring.

Aquarium staff decided to name the penguins after British Columbia places and asked the public for suggestions, and a panel of judges picked the winning monikers.

The penguin, given the pink and white identification bracelet on its flipper, is now waddling around as Hope, named for a bright future that's possible through education and sustainable seafood practices.

The name Salt Spring, for the penguin wearing orange and green beads, is after the largest of B.C.'s Southern Gulf Islands and the salty sea habitat of African penguins.

The pink-and-grey-beaded penguin is now Tofino, in reference to the physical adaptations of African penguins and the favourite pastime of residents in the Vancouver Island community — surfing.