07/03/2012 04:36 EDT | Updated 09/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Ontario releases new plan to prevent and fight invasive species

TORONTO - The governing Liberals say they're taking a new approach in the ongoing battle to defend Ontario's environment from invasive species.

They've released a new document that outlines how they plan to prevent, detect and slow the progress of non-native species like the zebra mussel and the emerald ash borer.

The plan calls for better communication and co-ordination among federal, provincial and municipal governments that have a role to play in combating invasive species.

It also says the province should build networks with conservation authorities, aboriginal groups and neighbouring U.S. states that are also fighting invasive species.

The document says Ontario has historically had more invasive species than other provinces, and is therefore at a higher risk of having non-native species than other regions in Canada.

It says invasive species are a growing environmental and economic threat to Ontario and once established, are difficult to eradicate.