07/03/2012 06:17 EDT | Updated 09/02/2012 05:12 EDT

Twitter follows Google lead with reports on governments' demands for user information

SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter will provide biannual reports about U.S. and foreign government demands for information about its users, just as Google has been doing for the past two years.

The first batch of data posted Monday on Twitter's website shows the online messaging service processed 849 government requests about its users during the first half of this year. Twitter says it gave officials at least part of what they wanted 63 per cent of the time.

U.S. government agencies accounted for most of the inquiries, with 679 requests.

Google Inc.'s most recent breakdown covered the final half of last year. The Internet search leader last month said governments submitted more than 18,500 requests for information about users during that period. More than one-third came from the U.S.