Not Available In Canada: Celebrate July 4th By Drooling Over U.S. Goodies

On July 4th, we can't think of a better way to celebrate America than listing all the things the country has that we, as Canadians, do not. And no, we're not about to delve into the politics or the culture -- we've already listed the many ways we love Canada, and that's where our hearts lie -- but we can all remember a time when going to the U.S. meant looking at shelves of products we'd never seen before.

While things have certainly improved over the past few years, with J. Crew outposts popping up across the country, CB2 making its mark and Target on its way in, there are still a few things we can't help but desire from our neighbours south of the border.

Check out our list, and feel free to add your own suggestions:

Things We'd Like Over The Border