07/05/2012 01:36 EDT | Updated 09/04/2012 05:12 EDT

MP Denounces Canadian Rapper's Video

A Manitoba MP is calling for a review of Heritage Canada funding, following the release of a music video he says glorifies terrorism.

The video by rapper Manu Militari shows a re-enactment of a roadside bomb attack on a Canadian military vehicle and the murder of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Selkirk-Interlake Conservative MP James Bezan said the video glorifies the Taliban.

"I am disgusted by Manu Militari's music video. It is outrageous, offensive, and I denounce it in the strongest terms," Bezan said.

"Our men and women in uniform have fought with dedication and valour, sacrificing their lives in defence of the values that we hold dear.

"Canadian soldiers have been fighting in Afghanistan for over 10 years now. This music video shows an utter lack of sensitivity to the families of the 158 brave Canadians who have sacrificed everything for our country."

He wants Militari to return grant money he was given by MusicAction, an independent organization that receives funding from Heritage Canada.

“I think that the artist should be allowed to say whatever they want. I do believe in freedom of expression and freedom of speech and making sure that their artistic talents can take them where they want. But I don't believe that this is proper use of taxpayer dollars,” he said.

Bezan is also calling for a review of all grants MusicAction manages that involve taxpayer money.

“I believe MusicAction showed poor judgement in its decision to allow taxpayer dollars to fund this music video. If this is what Canadians are receiving for their tax dollars, then Heritage Canada should defund MusicAction,” he said.

Militari has pulled down his video and has said the goal was to denounce the war and humanize Afghanistan.