07/06/2012 12:25 EDT | Updated 09/05/2012 05:12 EDT

Toronto council to vote on bullet ban motion

Toronto council will debate a motion next week that calls for a total ammunition ban within city limits.

Coun. Adam Vaughan will introduce a motion that will be debated in a council meeting on July 11 that calls on city staff to draft a zoning by-law amendment that will forbid the sale, storage or use of ammunition for firearms anywhere in the city.

Council would then decide whether to go through with the ban in a meeting in the new year.

Only the Canadian Forces, police and those who have been given legal approval are exempt under the motion.

In addition, Vaughan's motion calls for an opinion from the city solicitor outlining all options for legislating and using licensing powers to restrict ammunition in the city. It also asks for the city solicitor to examine other Canadian municipalities' efforts to regulate ammunition and determine if any of those methods can be adopted by Toronto.

"Whether it's domestic violence, whether it's suicide or whether it's some of those situations we see in public spaces, the harder we make for people to get bullets, the safer we're going to make it for all those other people in this city," Vaughan said last month.

Mayor Rob Ford said at the time such a ban would unduly punish legal hunters, while Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews called the proposal a "a misdirected effort."

Toronto cracked down on shooting ranges under former mayor David Miller, who then launched an unsuccessful petition to prohibit handguns across the country.

A two-thirds majority on council will have to vote in favour of Vaughan's motion for it to be approved. If it is only approved by a simple majority, it would have to go to the mayor's executive committee for further discussion and another vote.