07/06/2012 07:29 EDT | Updated 07/06/2012 07:52 EDT

What Kind Of Sneaker Are You? Infographic Explains Personality Types Of Popular Athletic Shoes (PHOTO)

what kind of sneaker are you

Shoes make people happy – so happy in fact, that they can be addictive. And casual as they are, sneakers are no different. Fanatics anxiously await new shoe releases, and follow the footwear of movie stars and hip hop kings to ensure they're on trend (Kanye West popularized the number one most-anticipated shoe of 2012). Recently, hardcore fans waited with baited breath for the release of Adidas' new creation by famed designer Jeremy Scott, but the shoe was stomped by the shoemaker before it hit the shelves after its shackle design caused an uproar for its symbolic inference to slavery.

These days, there just so many kicks to choose from -- how does one, short of buying them all, choose the shoe that best expresses its wearer? Ta-da: infographic to the rescue. has created a colourful breakdown of some of the most popular sneakers and what they say about your personality.

Are you the strong, silent type? The Chuck Taylor All-Star is for you. Care deeply about others? Put on a pair of Puma Clyde Scripts and give everyone a hug. Love the Skechers Shape-Up? You're experimental, original, determined and scientific. Can't live without your Nike Air Jordan11 Retros? You are adaptable, reflective, idealistic and social (and possibly, Michael Jordan).

While the infographic doesn't cite any sources for its sneaker-to-personality analyses, its astrology-like interpretations are still pretty fun to pore over. And skeptics shouldn't pooh-pooh the shoe-fits theory altogether: According to researchers at The University of Kansas, you can correctly judge a stranger's personality by their shoes.

So, what kind of sneaker are you? Click on the image to the right to view the full-size infographic. And then tell us: does your shoe match your personality? Or is it time to buy a new pair? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook

See what all the fuss was about around Nike's Air Yeezy II sneakers -- these are the ones tailored to Kanye West's feet (but aren't on the personality chart):

Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy II

If you'd never give up your stilettos for sneakers, check out the video below: