07/09/2012 04:13 EDT | Updated 09/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Stanley Cup Rioter Apologizes To Vancouver


Convicted Stanley Cup rioter Robert Snelgrove has made a court-ordered public apology to the people of Vancouver and all residents of British Columbia.

In an apology letter submitted to B.C. provincial court, and read by his lawyer Chandra Corriveau on Monday, 25-year-old Snelgrove said he feels terrible about his actions during the June 15, 2011 riot in downtown Vancouver.

Snelgrove, caught looting from the Sears department store after the Canucks lost Game Seven of the 2011 Stanley Cup final, also said he never wanted to "disgrace" the city and encouraged other rioters to "take responsibility" for their actions.

His apology follows an attempt on Thursday by trial judge Gregory Rideout to amend the sentencing ruling he himself issued two days earlier for Snelgrove to serve five months of house arrest and 150 hours of community service.

Rideout tried to reduce the community service portion of Snelgrove's sentence to 50 hours, saying he was "mindful" of B.C. Corrections staffing levels, but was blocked from doing so by long-standing legal rules.

Snelgrove, who has already apologized publicly through the media on three occasions, is one of only three people sentenced so far for taking part in the chaos. He is the only one to avoid jail time.

Cases involving 113 people are still awaiting resolution and include 22 individuals who have pleaded guilty but not yet been sentenced.

Vancouver police have suggested many more charges are coming, and that could push the number of people charged to as many as 300 for their role in the riot.

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