07/10/2012 07:04 EDT | Updated 09/09/2012 05:12 EDT

Toronto Woman, 105, Waits For Spot In Nursing Home

A Toronto woman who turned 105 on Tuesday could wait two years for a spot in a long-term care facility, despite the fact she has been trying to get into a nursing home for the past six years.

Feina Mileikovskaia lived on her own until she broke her arm about two years ago. That’s when she moved in with her daughter and granddaughter.

While she remains in good physical health, Mileikovskaia suffers from mild dementia and it is getting tougher for her family to look after her.

Her daughter Milla Mileikovskaia is 80 years old and has been acting as her mother’s primary caregiver.

A home-care worker comes by the family home for a handful of hours each week, but it's a full-time job of caring for a centenarian.

“I cannot leave her [for] any minutes,” Milla Mileikovskaia told CBC News in a recent interview.

Her mother has been on a waiting list to get into a long-term care facility for six years, she said, and they were told late last year that the wait could still be another two years.

On Tuesday afternoon, the family learned that arrangements have been made for the home-care worker to spend more time at their house.

But that’s only a short-term solution, and the family said that efforts are still being made to find Feina Mileikovskaia a space in long-term care.

Mileikovskaia moved to Canada when she was 89 years old and is a landed immigrant. When she was young, Mileikovskaia was an opera singer with the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, her family said.

The Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes & Services for Seniors says that as of January this year, nearly 20,000 seniors were waiting for a spot in a long-term care facility.