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Mom Banned From School: Kathy Lindsay, Mom Of Allegedly Bullied Girl, Banned


Many parents feel helpless when they discover their child is the victim of bullying at school, but for Kathy Lindsay, the matter truly feels like it's out of her hands.

According to The Sault Star, Lindsay, whose daughter was allegedly bullied throughout her school year, was banned from the grounds of Queen Elizabeth Public School in Sault Ste. Marie at the end of June.

Lindsay says she'd walked her daughter to class and made phone calls to the school in an attempt to cease the bullying. She finally felt compelled to employ a lawyer to get the administration's attention. In response, the school hired their own lawyers and sent Lindsay a letter which stated, "The school and the board will not continue to discuss this matter with you and we ask that you cease contacting the school in this regard.” It also noted "safety concerns" for children at the school and warned of trespassing charges if she's found on school grounds without written permission.

The school's "Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy" document outlines its strategies, which include providing support for students who have been bullied, who have bullied others or who have been affected by observing bullying, as well as giving a process for parents to follow if they feel their child is being bullied.

Lindsay isn't the first parent to be frustrated by what she perceives to be a school's lack of action when it comes to bullying. Recent reports have included one mother choking a boy for posting negative comments about her daughter on Facebook, and two mothers reportedly got into a physical fight over their sons' issues.

The Sault Ste. Marie school stands behind their decision. Director of education for the Algoma District School Board, Mario Turco, stated to The Sault Star, "We value parents' involvement in schools, we look to them as partners, so if we had to take that kind of action, surely people would understand that there must be another side to this story,” Turco said.

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