07/12/2012 04:08 EDT | Updated 09/11/2012 05:12 EDT

TTC Offers Riders A Daily Report Card Of Service

The TTC has launched a daily report card that gives its riders a sense of how well their transit system is performing.

The Daily Customer Service Report can be found on the TTC website. It allows customers to see how the system has performed on a given day in relation to service targets that the organization expects to reach.

For the subway lines, the TTC says it intends to have 96 per cent of its trains running on time.

For buses, the target is 65 per cent and for streetcars, it is 70 per cent.

If trains, buses and streetcars pull into stops within three minutes of when they are to arrive, then they are considered by the TTC to be on time.

For the Scarborough RT, the TTC expects to have 80 per cent of its trains operating as scheduled.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said the reason for the difference in the target times is that on the roads, there are accidents, construction issues and closures that can slow service down.

"So we know that service is going to be impacted by that, so we need to set our targets at a reasonable level," he said in an interview with CBC News.

The report card also grades the number of escalators and elevators that are running properly. It expects to have 97 per cent of all of these devices available to customers.

The TTC has faced criticism in the past for the service it provides to riders, but it has taken steps in recent months to respond to those concerns.

'It's just a PR stunt'

Last year, the TTC gathered information from customers about their complaints and then introduced initiatives aimed at improving customer service. The organization also recruited Chris Upfold to serve as its first-ever chief customer service officer.

Earlier this year, Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong suggested that the TTC was not doing enough to ensure that its buses were running on time.

"To the TTC rider … the number one priority is getting to where they need to on time," he said in April.

In response, TTC Chair Karen Stintz said the city's transit system is trying to improve its performance.

Not everyone riding public transit is impressed about the information that the TTC is now sharing with its passengers through its daily report cards.

Michael Low said the TTC needs to get more vehicles on the road and more subways to ferry passengers to their destinations.

As for the report card, Low said "it’s just a PR stunt."