07/13/2012 05:36 EDT | Updated 09/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Apple reverses decision to leave 'green registry'

Apple has put its products back on an environmental rating registry after complaints following its decision last month to withdraw from the program.

In a letter posted on Apple’s website, senior vice-president Bob Mansfield acknowledged that the decision to remove its products from EPEAT was “a mistake” and that all 39 eligible Apple products are back in the registry.

Earlier this week, the City of San Francisco said it would no longer be able to purchase Apple products, because the city is required to purchase electronic products like computers, notebooks and monitors that are certified by EPEAT.

EPEAT, which stands for the electronic product environmental assessment tool, measures the long-term environmental effects of electronics. The list is considered an industry standard and it helps customers buy electronics that are environmentally friendly.

Several companies and government organizations demand minimum EPEAT requirements when it comes to environmental certification, including the governments of Canada, Quebec and Nova Scotia. They would not have been able to purchase Apple computers and laptops that were not on the registry.

In the letter posted on its site, the company said, “It’s important to know that our commitment to protecting the environment has never changed, and today it is as strong as ever.”