07/15/2012 05:00 EDT | Updated 07/15/2012 05:06 EDT

'A Franchise That I Used To Know': Gotye Parody Criticizes Toronto Maple Leafs (VIDEO)

"Now and then I think of 1967," Andrew Damelin gripes in his parody of Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know.' Don't all Toronto Maple Leafs fans?

Damelin, a competitor in's 'Search For Canada's Next Sportscaster,' created the impressive (insane?) video, in which he vents his frustrations over the franchise's Stanley Cup failures and managerial decisions.

"I don't even need Phaneuf. Burke is such a meathead. We've had enough." (Yes, apparently that rhymes.)

He manages to weave plenty more team decisions into lyrics, like Mike Komisarek's salary and Luke Schenn's departure — and the commitment doesn't end there. Like any over-the-top Leafs fan (and Gotye himself), Damelin sports body paint; but unlike Gotye, his includes a 'Hockey Night in Canada' logo and a reference to the 1993 Campbell Conference Final (a sore spot with many Leafs fans).

After all the disappointments, the Leafs are just a franchise that he used to know: "So sucky."