07/16/2012 11:57 EDT

Jason Kenney Refugee Health Cuts: Fake IndieGoGo Campaign Seeks Donations To Send Claimants Home


Donate $2,000 to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and you can personally choose which refugee to deny asylum to.

Feeling thrifty? A mere $5 will reward you with a Canadian flag pin to proudly display your patriotism and commitment to shooing would-be immigrants away from the country.

Although it's unlikely that your contribution will actually result in either of these "perks" seeing as the fundraising page on IndieGoGo is a parody.

The campaign on the Kickstarter-like crowd-funding website has "Kenney" asking you to help fund the government's very real plan to give failed and bogus refugee claimants a ticket out of the country and up to $2,000.

"It's no surprise that this kind of innovative thinking on part of The Conservative Party of Canada was met with resistance by left-leaning media and "human rights" groups, who suggested that such a program was tantamount to "bribing" failed asylum seekers to forfeit their full rights," says the fake Kenney.

"That's why I'm asking that Canadians show their support for me, Jason Kenney, and this innovative program by donating a few dollars of their own hard-earned money to help pay bogus refugees to leave the country."

The campaign mocks a petition posted on Kenney's own website to thank Kenney for his refugee health care cuts, ensuring "that they don’t get benefits not available to the average Canadian."

Changes to refugee programs have earned Tory ministers quite a bit of flack and a lot of interruptions. Over the weekend, a teen who came to Canada as a refugee got kicked out of a Tory BBQ when he tried to question Kenney about the reforms during a speech. A family doctor crashed a press conference by Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq last month, accusing the government of putting lives at risk with the new measures.

So far the donation tally is sitting at $0. Evidently rewards such as a copy of Kenney's memoirs for chipping in $500 or getting a failed refugee's job for just $100 just weren't enough to sway would-be donors.

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