07/16/2012 11:22 EDT | Updated 09/06/2012 05:35 EDT

Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial: How To Look Just Like The Star

We can't all look like Megan Fox. At least that's what we thought until we saw this YouTube makeup tutorial.

Although LuxLyfe -- aka: Sharzad Kiadeh -- may prefer the looks of Angelina Jolie, she's settled for Fox and has created a 12-minute video on how you can perfect the starlette's red carpet looks.

With some interesting uses of the English language (she refers to a brush as "fat chunk") and a whole lot of passion for face painting, the video is a highly enjoyable way to learn some of the ins and outs of do-it-yourself A-list makeup.

Here's Megan Fox's style evolution:

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